ACL 2016

Welcome to the page for our ACL 2016 Demo Session.

Below, you can find relevant links to our work.


Demo of IGT Editor/Visualizer: [link]

  • The editor and visualizer that is being presented today is used for annotators to clean up existing IGT instances for use with the INTENT software below, for the purposes of bringing NLP tools to resource-poor languages. The tool includes several components, which are described more in depth on the poster and in the paper.

INTENT Web Interface: [link]

  • INTENT, or the INterlinear Text ENrichment Toolkit is a software package created to automatically enrich Interlinear text through various methods, some of which are outlined in our LRE 2016 paper.

ODIN 2.1 Corpus Download [link]

  • The Online Database of INterlinear Text (ODIN) contains IGT instances for ~1,500 languages, and is available with INTENT-enriched Xigt-XML format at the link above.


  • Demo Paper: [pdf]
  • Demo Poster: [pptx]
  • Journal paper on Xigt data format: [link]
  • Journal paper on INTENT: [preprint]