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I am currently serving as Acting Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Department at the University of Washington, where I am one of four faculty members involved in the Master of Science in Computational Linguistics program (CLMS).

My Primary research interests are in accessibility for Natural Language Processing, including representation for minority languages, and fairness and ethics in natural language processing (NLP). My dissertation research focused on writing the INterlinear Text ENrichment Toolkit, (INTENT) — a tool designed to bootstrap linguistic knowledge for basic NLP tasks using extracts from linguistics papers as a proxy for expert annotation. Via the Online Database for INterlinear text (ODIN), INTENT supports upwards of 1,500 languages.

As part of the RiPLes project, I have worked on a variety of tools related to data extraction of multilingual documents from PDF, including language identification, passage and document classification, and even PDF-to-text analysis for academic linguistic papers.