Intent, or the INterlinear Text ENrichment Toolkit, implements a number of techniques for automatically enriching IGT data and extracting NLP tools including POS taggers, dependency parsers, and translation lexicons for over 1,500 low-resource languages. Follow the link for the online demo to see what kind of languages are covered, and what the data looks like.

Online Demo:


ODIN v2.1

The Online Database of INterlinear text (Odin) was recently updated to version 2.1. Used the Intent software to automatically enrich 158,007 IGT instances covering 1,496 languages. Current work involves feature extraction retraining the IGT detection engine on 1.3M new documents to greatly expand coverage.


IGT Editor

AJAX-enabled browser-based IGT editing toolkit that enables annotators to clean IGT instances, rate cleanliness, and visualize the Intent-enriched output.