Public Code Posting Policy

Students should not make public code which was written for 570–572, but are allowed to publish their code repositories used for the capstone course (LING 573) after the end of the quarter, with the following requirements:

  • All data licenses are respected
    • No including data in part or in whole that came from licensed corpora on patas, or other sources the authors do not have the permission to redistribute
    • You may include links on where to obtain such data, of course
  • All code licenses are respected
    • Again, no redistribution of code if not allowed by the license provided by that code.
    • This may mean code used requiring use of its own copy-left license, as a heads-up.
  • The consent of all group members is obtained.

And optionally:

  • We would appreciate it:
    • If you could let us know your repository, so we can keep a list in case a course is re-taught.
  • We encourage you to:
    • We encourage you to think about and include a LICENSE file
    • Here is a list of a number of popular open source licenses
    • This will help you stay in compliance with any copy-left restrictions, as well as potentially protect your own IP.