SciComm Assignment

This short assignment will consist of one of the following:

“Letter to the Editor”/Response

  • This doesn’t need to actually be a letter to the editor, but is rather a response to a news piece, blog post, or other piece of media portraying an NLP task in some way.
  • Goals:
    • Highlight:
      • What you feel was incorrect or framed in a wrong way
      • A facet of the task that was not given adequate discussion
    • Offer a recommendation or alternative point of view
  • Helpful resource:


  • This option will be you presenting some kind of call to action, or proposal for policy.
    • For instance, making a case for extending human subjects protections to social media.
  • Goals:
    • Have a specific action or policy you are arguing for or against.
    • If pro:
      • Motivate why this policy is needed, and how it could be implemented.
    • If con:
      • Motivate why this policy is notneeded, and identify an alternative.
  • Helpful resource:

Tech Explanation/Tutorial

  • This option will be taken if you would like to practice explaining an NLP technology to a lay audience.
  • Goals:
    • Define the NLP task you want to explain.
    • Define the audience you are intending to address
    • Address any common misunderstandings, or risks that the audience should be aware of.

Requirements for All Options:

  • In the ballpark of 700-1,500 words. (~1.5-3 pages, single-spaced).
    • (If you can make your case in slightly less space, that’s fine too)
  • This should not be technical writing, but be sure to cite sources (via hyperlink, if convenient).
  • Are all the goals addressed for your option?

Grading will be based on the requirements above, clarify of writing, and connection to the course material.