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RSVP 2018

City limits reached! One of my favorite rides that Cascade organizes, the RSVP (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party) happened last weekend, and the smoke from the regional wildfires cleared out just enough to give a beautiful two days of riding, though it quickly came back with a vengeance over the weekend. One of

Ride in the Rain 2017!

Welcome to Seattle! If you just moved here in September, and are looking to start biking, well, apologies. November is our rainiest time of year. And this year, we even had some snow in the first week! Below, I’ve compiled some information to help cyclists new to riding in cold weather generally, and Seattle particularly,

Podcast Reccomendations

Lately, I have friends ask me for recommendations on podcasts. Since I am a bit addicted to podcasts, I thought I’d finally write a post where I can refer people who ask, because I have too many to try and remember at any one time. Fiction The way things have gone since late 2016, I’ve

The Siblings Georgi

My little brother Patrick came to town to visit my sister while I’ve been staying with my sister, which afforded us the rare opportunity of having an all-hands-on-deck sibling reunion, PLUS the new nephew! Seattle’s March weather even cooperated briefly, before returning back to a typical Monday deluge.

Chilly Hilly 2016

It was another great year for the chilly hilly! Probably the roughest weather I’ve seen on a ride yet, but that’s biking in Seattle in Februrary! After losing 30 pounds since this last summer, I was hoping to beat my previous record by quite a bit, and I wasn’t disappointed. This ride took me a

In The Olympics

Took some time over the weekend to get out into the Olympics while the weather was good, and take in the fresh air. I’d thoroughly recommend it for any of my PNW-based colleagues in need of a staycation.